For many freelancers, the tedious little jobs are the ones that cause the most problems. Invoicing, writing reports, updating their freelancer’s blog or site, even house-cleaning – the list is endless. There always seems to be more and more work waiting to be done. Instead of encroaching on family time for these non-billable items, there is another option.

Many people believe only large corporations should outsource, but that’s totally untrue – small business owners (such as freelance writers) can benefit tremendously by outsourcing.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hire a virtual assistant. Administrative work can take up more and more time as your business grows. Hiring a virtual assistant can alleviate much of this burden. In the majority of cases they will be experienced, and may even be able to suggest tasks they can help you with. It’s easy to find someone – begin by typing “virtual assistant” into any search engine.
  2. Hire a part-time cleaning service. Housework constantly stares you in the face when you work at home. Instead of worrying about it or infringing on business hours, hire a professional to take care of your cleaning tasks. The beauty of having a regular service is that once they know the routine required, they’ll work quietly in the background, virtually unnoticed.
  3. Secure someone to update your blog or website. This can often be a slow process, especially for someone not well versed in updating blogs and/or websites. Securing someone to do these types of tasks frees up time and allows freelance writers concentrate on actually meeting deadlines or finding new places to market your business.
  4. Ask family to help out. Enlist the aid of kids, husband and other family members with tasks that can be shared. Ask hubby to take over dinner duty a few days a week. Set up a reward system (such as gold stars) for the kids when they help by picking up toys and keeping their rooms clean.
  5. Find a marketing expert. Marketing is the bane of every freelancer’s life. Ask other freelancers for contact details of someone they trust with their marketing. Although it may seem like this service would be expensive, that isn’t always the case. Often when using outsourcing services from foreign countries, the cost is much lower – simply because the wages are lower. This could be a viable option, and one that will help your business not only grow, but also thrive.

Growth is great but it can affect productivity and billable work. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to handle everything alone. Use the tips above to start outsourcing and free up time.