In today’s volatile business world, you will need the right tools to get your company off of the ground. Entering an established company is one thing, but in true entrepreneurial spirit, you will reap more rewards starting your own business. To start your own business, you will need a cache of items to get your business off of the ground, but more importantly you will need an idea and a tenacious work ethic to make it profitable. Provided will be steps needed to start up your business.

  • Start with a great idea. What will you sell to your customers? Do you want to sell a product based upon trends in the marketplace or stick with a more sustainable assortment? As a startup business you will want to have a product which will stay the course, “fads” have no guarantee of long term success.


  • Once you have the idea, how are you going to market your product? Online commerce is more cost effective than traditional bricks and mortar retailers, but does have its disadvantages. With a traditional outlet, customers have an opportunity to see your product whereas online you will only have a visual. With new businesses, word of mouth will be your first free advertisement. In the marketing phase, ask yourself “who will be your target audience?” Understanding differing generations will be vital to the medium used for promotion.


  • You are now decisive about your audience, your next phase is critical. How will your business be financed? Initially you will have to consider start-up costs, but must also think long term finances. Depending on business type, costs can start be tens of thousands into the millions. A main goal of any retail business is profitability, so think carefully about costs. You want to build your brand and make money, not take years doing it.


  • You are now connecting the dots. The final dot is building a business plan. A business plan is a snapshot of what your business will achieve over the first year of existence. Remember business plans can expand and contract, so do not have lofty goals in which you will not be able to achieve.


Starting your own business can and will be exciting as well scary. With these four steps you will be well on your way to building a successful retail business.


For more information on planning, read SMART Goals for Business Success.