As any entrepreneur knows, choosing a business that is right for you requires a lot of research and contemplation. After all, a large number of businesses fail within their first five years of business, and most entrepreneurs know that maintaining a small business for any extended amount of time requires clever thinking at its inception. The best plan of action for choosing a business creation plan is to strategically decide the basics about your potential business and research the aspects of that business diligently. Deciding on what kind of a business is right for you is probably the most important step in planning your new business venture, as success is closely linked with prospect and interest

Choosing a business niche need not be a sleep-depriving concept. You should ask yourself the following questions when choosing a business:


  1. What interests me? – Knowing which business would be interesting to you is a great method for choosing a business platform. Do what you love. How many times have you heard that adage? Well, it’s true, especially in small business. A small business that includes a favorite hobby, activity, or concept that you are passionate about is more likely to retain your interest than choosing a business that is strictly about monetary gains.


  1. Can I afford this? – A great concept loses some of its luster when it is one that can not be easily afforded. Choosing a business you can afford to start and maintain is essential to provide for steady growth. An idea is nothing without the capital to put it into action.


  1. Is it legal? – Some business ideas seem great but are in actuality bordering legality. Consider the legal aspects of your business and whether or not you can legally open your business prior to buying the business license.


  1. Are there any businesses like it, and are they meeting the needs of consumers? – This question is essential to answer before choosing a business. If there are too many of any certain business in a community, there is a greater likelihood of struggle to gain a customer base without a lot of hard work. If your business is unique in some way, it might stand out from the others in the pack. Analyze if the current offerings are meeting consumer need prior to getting your heart set on choosing a business niche that might be too popular.


  1. Is the concept copyrighted? – Before opening the doors to your business, consider whether the concept behind it might be the intellectual property of someone else. Your business must not infringe on the rights of others and must be cautiously considered to prevent any misunderstandings.


  1. Is it in your scope of capabilities? – Knowing whether or not a niche can be addressed affectively and efficiently is just as important as knowing whether you will enjoy a particular business. Choosing a business that will overwhelm you might be the kiss of death for it before the first customer even inquires.


  1. Will this business allow free time? – A business that takes away all of your free time is often a rewarding one, but if the result might be burn out or discouragement, consider a simpler concept first, working up to a heavier workload. Even die-hard fans get burned out when the work concept is all they have time for. Choosing a business that still allows for personal time is a wise move that you might appreciate in the future when burnout rears its ugly head.


  1. How will the business affect my family? – When choosing a business, the question of family impact is not always a top priority, but it should be something of which you are aware. Be especially concerned of choosing a business that requires interaction that may be objectionable by certain family members, cut into family time, or may negatively impact family relationships.


  1. Am I ready? – Jumping too soon is often a common mistake with potential new business owners. If waiting would give the business a better chance of success, you should weigh if that business is right for you at the moment. Perhaps a different related business would be better suited for the time being. Consider how choosing a different business might result in eventually growing it into an optimal one, and weigh if you can wait for that metamorphosis.


  1. Online or Turnkey? – This question is one of the main concepts these days concerning choosing a business. Whether your business is on the internet (or whether it requires it) is essential in selecting a niche. Some choose both, and some feel it is appropriate only to have one or the other form of business. If you do not think you can bring your turnkey concept to the web in the future, perhaps this choice will not affect your potential business, but if it requires the web for growth or potential fulfillment, you must keep whether or not you are willing to convert it in mind when choosing a business.


Choosing a business to build is one of the most important decisions for an entrepreneur today. These ten questions will hopefully make the pursuit of your dream easier so that your business foundation will have the strength to withstand the challenges of the future.